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Function Room Hire Conditions

Function Room Hire Conditions

1) (a) The room is available to hire at almost any time of the day up till midnight, but you may need to be flexible to meet staffing needs.

1) (b) A deposit of £60 is required to secure a booking on the room. All or part of this is refundable if conditions are met.




1) (a) No unreasonable breakages.

1) (b) No fighting or unruly behaviour including abuse to staff.

2) (a) No table confetti to be used or party poppers.

2) (b) No tape or pins to be used on decorations, blu-tack only.

3) (a) A minimum of £300 takings at the bar.

4) (a) At no time must you advertise an event in public areas, (this is called flying) otherwise the council will take action against you.



1) (a) You can either supply your own, or we can supply this for you from a very competitive menu at varying prices, a deposit may be required.




1) (a) You can either supply your own or we will book one for you, in a price range to suit your needs, a deposit may be required.

1) (b) All monies for food and or entertainment to be paid for at start of session.

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